Best Tools to Monitor Baby’s Sleep

Written by Lisa Rennie

With so much technologically-based gear now available for babies and parents, you might wonder how moms and dads ever got along without them. But once you adopt one or more of these tools, you’ll quickly realize how much easier they can make your life while caring for your baby.

In particular, some gadgets are designed specifically to help parents monitor their babies’ sleep from a different room — or even a different address. These high-tech devices can make monitoring your baby’s sleep a lot easier and take the stress out of leaving your baby alone to snooze.


Video Monitors

When audio baby monitors first came out, they made things so much easier for parents by giving them the freedom to roam the house without always having to be within earshot of the baby’s room while they slept. They were certainly a game-changer.

But today’s video monitors add a visual to the audio, allowing parents to see what their babies are up to while they’re napping. These gadgets can even allow you to stream video and sound through an app on your smartphone, and feature night vision to help you see what’s happening in the dark.


Sleep Bassinets

Bassinets are hardly anything new. But ones that are connected to Bluetooth are rather revolutionary. These Bluetooth-enabled bassinets allow you to control it from your smartphone without you having to physically manipulate it.

With the touch of a button, you can get the bassinet to rock, swing, wave, or simulate a car ride. You can even choose the speed at which the bassinet moves, as well as implement white noise to help soothe your baby.


Abdominal Movement Monitors

SIDS is a terrifying thing for new parents, so it’s no wonder that they’ll want to keep tabs on their babies’ breathing after putting them down for a nap. If you want to be notified about how your baby is breathing while she is sleeping, you can clip a small digital device to her diaper.

After a few seconds of no abdominal movement, it will vibrate. And if lack of abdominal movement is prolonged, an alarm will go off. You can integrate this device with your smartphone.


Breathing Monitors

Other ways to monitor your baby’s breathing is through the use of devices that track heart rate and oxygen levels. Through an app, you can look into your baby’s room through an encrypted video and even communicate via two-way audio.

Keeping tabs on your baby while she’s sleeping has never been easier thanks to the innovative tools now available on the market.


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