How Sleep Number’s Smart Bed Is Revolutionizing Mattresses

Written by Colby McCoy

Today, consumers are faced with a plethora of products to help get a better night’s sleep; from cutting-edge smartphone applications to futuristic mattress materials with added breathability, there is a great deal to be excited about in the world of sleep products. Alongside these products are smart beds, which have completely revolutionized how we sleep.

A leading brand in the smart bed space is Sleep Number with its 360® SMART BED series, which offers a range of features that are guaranteed to help you achieve a better night’s sleep. Sleep Number currently offers four unique series of its smart bed, each with its own fantastic set of functions at varying price points, with memory foam commanding the highest price tag. This article will briefly explore these different series and see what each has to offer to potential buyers looking to improve their sleep.


Classic Series

The Classic Series opens the Smart Bed product line and comes chock full of features, including the brand’s famous dual adjustability settings, responsive air technology, contoured sleep surface, and the new SleepIQ® technology. So, what exactly is SleepIQ, and how does it help improve the quality of your sleep?

SleepIQ can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet device and provides a score every morning when you wake up. The technology allows you to track sleeping trends across different expanses of time, including average sleep duration, breath rate, heart rate, and average restful sleep. It also includes daily tips to help you improve the quality of your sleep.

Prices vary within the Classic Series SMART BEDS and depend on the depth of the mattress’s comfort layer and height.


Performance Series

The Performance Series comes standard with you will find in all of the Classic Series mattresses and offers additional comfort features, mainly enhanced pressure relief, which includes added “comfort layers” for relieving pressure.

There are three mattresses on offer within the series: p5, p6, and the pSE Special Addition. The primary difference between these is cooling technology, which occurs in the p6 and pSE. Both mattress height and comfort layer depth are the same in the p5 and pSE, while the p6 includes an extra inch in both categories.


Innovation Series

The Innovation Series is the next step in the Smart Bed product line and includes even more comfort-based features that will only improve your sleep. This series contains enhanced pressure relief as a standard option in its mattresses and adds temperature balancing sleep surfaces and smart fabric.

According to Sleep Number, the smart fabric offers an even cooler sleeping surface and is 50% more breathable when compared to other mattresses in the Classic and Performance series’. The temperature balancing options reportedly absorb one’s heat and cools at the same time, creating a relaxing and comfortable experience for you and your partner.

There are only two mattresses available within the Innovation series: the i8 and i10. The i8 offers maximum pressure relief and substantial support and cooling, while the i10 maximizes all three and is higher in height and comfort layers.


Memory Foam

Sleep Number’s top-of-the-line mattress under the Smart Bed umbrella is the memory foam mattress, which includes dynamic pressure relief and temperature balancing. In the end, the customer is paying a premium for the memory foam technology that offers unparalleled comfort when compared to all other mattresses in the series.

The m7 SMART BED offers maximum pressure relief as well as substantial support and cooling. However, this mattress provides less height and comfort layers compared to all other mattresses in the Innovation Series.



If you are looking to take your sleeping experience to the next level, then the Sleep Number Smart Bed series of mattresses is worth looking at. There are multiple mattresses within the series to look at, each with its benefits.

While all of these mattresses are far from inexpensive, they feature the revolutionary SleepIQ technology along with a plethora of comfort features, giving customers a truly unforgettable experience.

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