The Three Best Sleeping Gadgets

Written by Petar Petrov

With sleep being as vital as it can be delicate, sleep aids have become an immensely popular niche, with novel sleep gadgets sprouting up constantly on the market.

While the variety of sleep gadgets is too vast to pick out three single products, as can be expected in any tech niche, there are three big product categories: devices for sedative relaxation, for noise, and for you or your partner, whoever is doing the snoring.

We’ve picked out an example or two from each category.


Devices for Relaxation

Correct breathing, especially in the context of sleep, is an indispensable part of relaxation.

Dodow is a slick, portable, wireless sleep aid device with a nice futuristic feel. It projects a relaxing, soft light onto the ceiling that expands and contracts, as if it’s actually breathing. Users need to sync their breathing with the device. It has two modes – one 8- and one 20-minute cycle.

Dodow’s point is to seamlessly slow down breathing from 11 to 6 breaths per minute. The device is rapidly gaining popularity. It’s reportedly already being used by 500,000 people around the world.


Devices for Noise

Sleep has somewhat of a love-hate relationship with noise, which makes white noise machines are some of the most universally popular sleep aid devices. In fact, they actually overlap with the first sleep product category, too.

On the one hand, they cancel out the bad, jarring kind of noise that wakes people up or prevents them to fall asleep in the first place. On the other, white noise machines provide background noise, similar to TVs, which many people find relaxing.

Earbuds like QuiteOn are basically like earplugs that work like in-built white noise machines. They detect sounds and produce the necessary anti-noise waves to drawn them out.

If you prefer background noise with a little more soul and ambiance, apps like Headspace or Rainy Mood will make you feel like falling asleep in nature.


Devices for Your Partner (Anti-Snore Devices)

The aforementioned earbuds and white noise machines can go a long way toward helping people deal with snoring. But the best way to fight snoring is to fight it at the source.

While some anti-snoring masks are way too in-your-face to ever qualify as gadgets, Smart Nora is an elegant, yet elaborate snoring solution. When it detects snoring, Smart Nora’s expander, placed under the pillow, inflates or deflates to gently move your head position and “restart” your breathing.


Together, these three gadget categories can solve most, if not all, your sleep problems.

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